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The Sri Lanka Magic Circle

Inaugurated in 1922 as the Association of Ceylon Magicians, the Sri Lanka Magic Circle is considered the oldest performing arts organisation in Sri Lanka.

Founded by the late Gate Mudliyar A C G S Amarasekera, it is committed to preserve and foster magic in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Magic Circle nurtures magicians and improves their skills by conducting training workshops and magic contests.

In Sri Lanka the ratio of magicians to the population is one to two hundred thousand. Becoming a magician and a member of the Magic Circle makes one a very exclusive person.

The Sri Lanka Magic Circle acts as an intermediary for individuals, companies and social organiations that need the services of professional magicians. Whether it be for a birthday party, a product launch, trade exhibition or even a fund raiser the Magic Circle is able to provide a magician to suit any event.

The Sri Lanka Magic Circle meets every last Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m. at its headquarters at 156, Templars Road, Mount Lavinia.

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