The Sri Lanka Magic Circle has decided to form alliances with Magic Circles in other countries. It has been felt through such alliances it will not only be able to raise the level of its members, but also foster greater understanding and cultural exchanges between other countries and Sri Lanka.

The first alliance was formed on the 19th of September 2008 with the twinning between the Sri Lanka Magic Circle and the Swiss Magic Circle. This event took place under the auspices of the Ambassador for Switzerland in Sri Lanka, Her Excellency Madam Ruth Flint at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.

International Associate Members

In order to form alliances with individual Magicians in other countries, SLMC has opened up its membership to the International Magic community.

For a 5 year International Associate Membership (IAM) a fee of just £100 ($150) is levied.
IAM comes with the following benefits.

A) Certificate of IAM Membership sent by airmail.
B) Regular "Wand periodical" by email PDF once every 2 Months.
C) An SLMC Badge with "Founded in 1922" engraved sent by Airmail.
D) Free use the SLMC Logo (7 Hooded Cobra) during the 5 year period.
E) Advertise A LARGE BANNER through our web site ( for an annual fee of £15 Sterling.
F) Any Magician visiting Sri Lanka has the opportunity to contact Sri Lanka Magic Circle and make arrangements to meet and address the members / perform / conduct lectures.
G) A individual email address with our own extension is oared FREE, which could be set for automatic forwarding to your normal email. (

Enjoy Sri Lankan hospitality. The SLMC will negotiate the best rate on his/her behalf so that you pay less and get more.

The SLMC can organise a “meet a member” at the Airport for a pick up & drop off to a Colombo Hotel / Guest House & Drop at Airport at only cost. They can arrange a tour of the places of cultural interest for the touring magician (& family). Expenses will have to be paid by touring magician. Enjoy a magically guided stay in this Paradise Island rated by the New York Times at the top of the list of “Places to visit in 2010”.