The Inner Circle



Sri Lanka Magic Circle A.G.M. was held on February 12th 2017 at ‘Vishmitjapaya’ the HQ of the Circle. The following were elected for the period 2017/2018.



Seated L/Rt

Vice President Special Projects - Mr. Devsiri Fenando, Executive Vice President - Mr. Lalith Wickremasinghe, President - Rohan Jayasekera, Secretary General - Lt. Col. Ronald de Alwis and Vice President Training Mr. Shelton Jayasekera

Standing L/Rt

Committee Members Messers Gayan Garusinghe, Jeremy Anthony, Naminda Warakagoda, Vice President, Welfare – Mr. Asanka Pathirana, Committee Member – Mr. Irangha Gunawardane, Hony. Treasurer Mr. A. Wijesinghe and Librarian Mr. Vihan Perera

Not in Photograph

Vice President Contests – Mr. Surangith de Soysa, Vice President Conventions – Mr. Sumangala Silva and Vice President Assets – Mr. Wilhelm Perera.


Hon. Minister of Cultural Affairs

Vice Patron

Mayor of the Dehiwela Mt. Lavinia Municipal Council

Vice Patron

Divisional Secretary, Divisional Secretariat, Mt. Lavinia


Mr. Rohan Jayasekera

Executive Vice President

Mr. Lalith Wickremasinghe

Vice President Special Projects

Mr. Devsiri Fernando

Vice President

Mr. Shelton Jayasekara

Vice President

Mr. Sumangala Silva

Vice President

Mr. Whilhelm Perera

Vice President

Mr. Asanka Pathirana

Secretary General

Lt. Col. Ronald de Alwis

Deputy Secretary General

Mr. Devsiri Fernando

Chief Internal Auditor

Lt. Col. Ronald de Alwis

Hony. Treasurer

Mr. A.Wijesinghe

Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Asanka Pathirana


Mr. Vihan Perera


Mr. Devsiri Fernando

Committee Members

Mr. Chrishanta Silva

Mr. Naminda Warakagoda

Mr. Irangha Gunawardana

Mr. Jeremy Anthony

Mr. Gayan Garusinghe


Chartered Accountants

Messers Dayananda Samarawickrema & Co.

Following are our Past Presidents from its inception on 18th February 1922.

* 1922 to 1983 –  Gate Mudliyar A C G S Amarasekera
* 1983 to 2000 –  Mr.Ranapala Bodinagoda
* 2001 to 2004 –  Lt. Col Ronald de Alwis
* 2004 to 2005 – Mr. Rohan Jayasekera
* 2005 to 2006 – Mr. Noel Wickramasinghe
* 2006 to 2007 – Mr. Shelton Jayasekera
* 2007 to 2014 – Lt. Col. Ronald de Alwis
* 2014 to 2015 – Mr. Joy De Silva
* 2015 to date – Mr. Rohan Jayasekera


Main Banker -  Bank of Ceylon, Metropolitan Branch, York Street, Colombo 01
(C/A 5346 )